The Golgi complex occupies a central position in the secretory pathway, in both physical and conceptual terms. Many of the current ideas on the functioning of intracellular trafficking pathways have been generated during studies on Golgi structure and function. Given its importance, it is not surprising that the study of Golgi apparatus has led to several Nobel prizes already. The socio-economic impact of these studies is emerging with the important contribution of Golgi related molecular processes in several human diseases. This is a decennial conference series on the Golgi that was initiated in 1998, to commemorate the 100 years of discovery of the organelle by Camillo Golgi. This third meeting is dedicated to the discussion of topics that have recently gained prominence and that will likely dictate the direction of this field in the following decade.
These include:
  • Autoregulation and homeostasis of organelles
  • Cargo processing in the Golgi apparatus
  • Lipid biosynthesis and trafficking
  • Interorganelle signalling and coordination with complex cellular responses



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    1 Jan 2018
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    31 Jul 2018
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  • Closing times: 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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